I’m first of all a curious creature; it’s what drives me to discover and listen … to you, to others, to myself … to document and communicate our stories and the stories of our time; by doing this I like and enjoy the unknown, the challenge each and every new story represents: to visualise it, so to best express its essence and capture the viewer’s attention – more, to move him or her and enable a (new) insight. I’ve been trying and doing this with photography and words for nearly two decades, while recently adding an element of sound and moving picture to my storytelling narratives.

It’s been a real learning curve, professionally and personally, the work I’ve been doing and the stories I’ve listened to widened my understanding of life – mine, yours and of our lives, and thus, I believe, have helped me become a better version of myself. For this reason and for the creative process itself, which enables me to lose myself in it again and again, only to come out enriched, I love what I do. It is equally why I like teaching/mentoring and believe that visual artwork and its experience is a unique and very powerful educational tool.

I’m grateful to have found my vocation, feeling like a traveller on a road called Life that requires, in order to reveal its true faces, to walk it with open eyes, mind and heart.